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The Matrix Marking System

See how easy it is to mark your instruments

Click on the image on the right to see several videos of our system working in UK hospitals.

What are you doing about NICE IPG196. Click here to see how we can help.

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Marking Failures?
If you are looking at marking your surgical instruments then here are some things you need to know. From our experience there are a number of issues when using different identification techniques. Click here for more information.
NICE IPG196...It's not a problem
Instrument migration between sets for posterior ophthalmic and neurosurgical procedures is not acceptable. The only way this can be addressed is by the identification of individual instruments. The Matrix Marking system is quick and easy to install in an exisiting Windows based tracking system able to handle single instruments. If you would like more information about IPG196 or how we can help then please contact us using the contact page. For more information click here.
Installation - what is involved

Our system can be added to any Windows based instrumnt tracking software. It is designed to be simple to set up and simple to use. We have experience of a number of installations both in the UK and the USA. In each case the installation has been straightforward and hospital staff have been marking instruments on the first day of the marking equipment being installed. Once again why take our word for it? Why not talk to your colleagues in the Sterile Service Departments who have been using the system? We are so confident that they will tell you exactly what they tell us that we will give you their contact details and let you speak to them. So go on .... give them a ring... contact us today for the details.

Check out our advantages

To put it simply....marking the codes on the instruments is quick, easy, long lasting and does not damage the instruments. Hospital staff can be shown how to use the equipment so that within an hour they are happily Smile marking hospital instruments. This has been the case on every installation and the staff using the system are more than happy to talk to hospitals who are interested. If you would like more information then please contact us and we will give you the contact details of reference sites so that you can talk to them.To contact us click here

Talk to other users.....NOW

The best way to see if our system is what you require is to talk to a user. They can tell you better than we can of the day to day operation of the system. We know that the system is easy to use because they tell us so. We know that every hospital that has installed the system is pleased Smile that they have done so. Very few suppliers can claim this. Our customers have told us that they are very happy to tell you how the system is working and so if you think it may be the one for you then please give them a ring. For the names and phone numbers please contact us now.

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